A web hosting account is typically handled via an online-based CP and incorporates considerably more services than just storing your website files on a hosting server. Using .htaccess files for various functions, redirecting the traffic from one website to another or restricting the access to a site based on the viewer's IP address are several examples of the features which are often a fundamental element of using a hosting service and even though these things can all be set up manually, we provide a number of convenient tools you can use as to take full advantage of any one of them. Consequently, you'll be able to use more innovative features even if you don't have any practical experience and you shall be able to regulate your web presence better and easier.

Advanced Tools in Shared Website Hosting

As all shared website hosting solutions feature the Hepsia CP, you shall be able to employ our advanced tools regardless of the plan you pick and through the same intuitive interface which Hepsia comes with. All tools are very simple to use, so the functions which they will enable you to utilize shall not take more than several mouse clicks. With the .htaccess generator you will be able to create language redirection, block the access to your website from specific referrers or enable PHP code within HTML files. The IP Blocking tool shall allow you to restrict the access to your Internet sites based on the IP of the website visitors, whilst the Outgoing Connections manager will enable you to restrict what remote servers your websites may connect to. The tools inside Hepsia include Hotlink Protection, Password Protection, Sitemap Generator and other practical tools that will enable you to employ complex functions without any coding skills or previous experience required as they are all maintained from the easy-to-use Hepsia interface.