Developing a website might not appear as a simple task to people that have no previous experience with such matters. Websites today are usually dynamic, with a lot of options, so creating such content might appear quite challenging. Luckily, you could have such a website with minimal efforts even when you have never created one before because you can use web themes - pre-made Internet sites which you can change or expand depending on your requirements. If you want a feature-rich site, for instance, you can use themes for script-driven applications, while for something more simple you should use static templates. In either case, starting your web presence is going to be easy because you will not need any previous experience or skills to create a site.

Free Website Templates in Shared Website Hosting

With each of the shared website hosting solutions which we offer we will give you access to a huge selection of templates that you can use for your sites. Our site builder features 70+ web templates for simpler sites and it will allow you to use pre-defined pages, select the style or color scheme for a particular template, and so on. For dynamic sites we have hundreds of web templates that you can use with script applications like WordPress, Mambo or Moodle. You will be able to modify various settings for every theme via the admin panel of the corresponding script, so you will not need any programming knowledge in order to have a wonderful Internet site. All the themes are available free of charge and are accessible through the hosting CP, so you'll not have to waste money on purchasing paid themes or hiring a web designer.