In case you have already obtained a shared website hosting account through some other provider in the past, you've most probably came across a situation where you need to wait around for hours, perhaps even for a few days to have your new account created and activated. The operation is typically automated, yet with the majority of payment systems a new payment goes in the queue and is executed when a live person sees it. With small website hosting companies, this may happen once a day at a certain time and if you have acquired an account from a reseller in the past, you've probably waited for quite some time. This way you lose valuable time in waiting as opposed to spending it on working on your web sites.

Instant Account Activation in Shared Website Hosting

All of our shared website hosting accounts are created and activated the instant a new payment is submitted, so you will not need to loose time waiting for hours to begin working on your site or upload its files if it is already designed on your PC. Even if you select any of the cost free script-driven applications that we offer to be installed throughout the account creation, you will be able to access both the hosting CP and the script management area in minutes after your order. You will get the login details for both back offices at once even if you get a shared hosting account during a weekend or a holiday. We understand that sometimes a new account is needed without delay, so we guarantee that you will never have to wait and that your new account is going to be activated immediately.