Running a site requires various other operations other than registering a domain name and linking it to some websites which are uploaded on a hosting server. Each of them is crucial and influences the user experience - both for you as the Internet site owner and for your site visitors. As an illustration, a script-driven website uses a database, files are uploaded via FTP, and communication with clients is done through e-mail, while some services require certain domain records to be set up. Each one of these things is essential and if any one of them is hard to handle or is simply absent from the set of services your account comes with, the abilities of your website can be limited, not to mention that the overall control over the Internet site could be very annoying if you are not able to do some task.

Website Manager in Shared Website Hosting

If you order a Linux shared website hosting package from our company and host your Internet sites on our ground breaking cloud platform, you can take advantage of the sophisticated, albeit simple-to-use Website Manager tool, that is part of our in-house built Hepsia CP. The tool will give you far better control over your Internet content than any other tool available, because it comes with a simplistic, novice-friendly interface, but offers plenty of options for proficient users also. A single tool will permit you to modify the DNS records for every domain address, to update the WHOIS details or to hide them using our Whois Privacy Protection service, to access the Internet site files, to install a script application, to check on visitor stats, to buy an SSL certificate and much, much more. All of these things are available in one location and you can accomplish any of them with just a couple of clicks using quick-access buttons, that'll save you a lot of time and which will make the control over your web presence super easy.